General Hamilton

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This hospital is a complete nightmare I had been in a vicious fight with a criminal and had been stabbed. I waited way too long in the waiting room last person actually they wouldn’t let me even have a water. I was losing blood sitting in a wheelchair and was tired so I went for smoke because I wanted to stay awake, they the triage and paramedic yelled insults at me gave me dirty looks and kept making rude comments to me and my 75 year old father who was with me like saying my name out loud mocking me for smoking, saying I must be okay if I can do that, saying my name out loud etc.. I went in last and I finally got stitches the doctor did it in the supply room many staff came in and out over 10 people I was only an hour or so, the doctor was rude as well and didn’t give me any medicine wtf? Fuck that place the entire staff even the nurses show no respect and are amateurs I had a flu, a swollen face, bruises on my knees and had to get stitches for being stabbed and fighter of an attacker etc.. no help no respect a dump.

Etobicoke General Volenteer Department

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I find it rather rude when you are going about your business at Etobicoke General Hospital when someone comes out of their office in the Volenteer department and accuses you without even identifying themselves that you are the person responsible for constantly filling up the shredding bin.  The bins are located in the hallways and not in your office area therefore the bins can and should be used by any individual when and if necessary.  Your accusations were unfounded and unless you have proof that an individual which you can identify is in fact constantly filling up the bin so that you are not able to use it you should mind your own business.  I was under the impression that the Volenteer department was there for the patients of the hospital and not just a place to come to for socializing amongst your peers.  When did that department turn into the security department.  I think you should concentrate on what you were hired to do unless your job description included security for the shredding bins for which I am sure your getting paid far to much.  The other issue I have is that I find Etobicoke General Hospital a health risk in cleansiness from the Emergency Department to the public bathrooms.  I would definitely give it a zero out of ten.  Also the moral at this hospital for their employees is very low. This hospital has become a hospital dedicated to how much money can they get.  It’s no longer considered a hospital for the people.  It’s considered a financial institution to make money and not care about the people.  No respect for their employees, no respect for the physicians that works there.  But especially no respect for all the ill people who need to be there.  It just comes down to the dollar amount these days.  Just ask the finance department.

Credit valley

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My husband was scheduled for surgery yesterday is st Micheals hospital and he did , he had stones in his kidneys, and they released him out of the hospital 10 minutes after surgery which is not normal  , my husband w as drowsy and in so much pain and same night I had to take him to emergency to credit valley in mississauga because he was In so much pain , and when we took him to the emergency for pain they made him wait 4 hours and the doctor who came to check him used his cover to wipe the ultra sound machine and then they gave me IV drip and when the nurse came and removed it she snapped it out of his arm and threw everything on the ground now tell me what kind of hygiene is that ….. he had the worst experience totally u human the way he was treated

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

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I went to the hospital 3 times for severe abdominal pain in my left side. The first visit they suggested it might be stomach ulcers but did not check, they also suggested it could be blood clotting but did not check for that either. They prescribe me naproxen which should not be prescribed in the chance of an ulcer. While speaking to a nurse about the pain during the visit she read off of my chart that I had tsken Tylenol 1 for the pain, which I had never said and when asked if I took anything for the pain I said no. So either someone wrote down I took a drug I didn’t, or the nurses got short forms mixed up meaning there is no consistency or accurate communication between nurses. Either way the nurse did not care to find out what was meant to be written on my chart, which is alarming since it could have been crucial information.

The pain got worse and so I returned two days later and they still did not check for ulcers or blood clotting, but said that they did check for blood clotting. They then gave me an injection or toradol which should not be used with naproxen, and then prescribed me toradol to take at home without warning me I should not take it with naproxen. The doctor also wrote out the prescription with someone else’s name on the prescription and let me leave with it, making my fiance and I drive across town twice while I was undergoing terrible pain to return to emergency to try and retrieve the prescription with the correct name. This means someone else was sent with a prescription with my name on it, since the doctor switched the name information stickers. Toradol should also not be taken if there is a chance of ulcers. The doctor’s name was Dr. Beshay.

Overnight the pain got severely worse after taking the toradol and the following day I was nauseous, the pain had spread, and I could not stand or walk. I then had to return to the hospital where I was told I should not have been prescribed either of these medications.

Again, my name is Aidan Maloney, and this happened at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

Thank you for your help, if you could please follow up with me about what steps are being taken to address this.

Toronto Western Hospital Bullying Patients

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I am wondering what the rules are about a Doctor trying to push a patient out before they are ready?
My father had hip surgery this past Wednesday at Western, by Dr Mohammed.  Even up until the day before in Pre-Op, we were told he would be released on Saturday, which meant a 3 night stay.  All our plans were made, as far as pick up and nursing help when he got home.  The morning after the operation, the Doctor came in and advised my father that he HAD to leave after 2 nights, on Friday am.
We had already made all the arrangements for his ride home, nurses for his arrival and this news came as a huge shock and put me in a tailspin, as I was unable to secure earlier nursing help, or even anyone to help me get him home early.  Now I understand the challenges the system has, but this is an 84year old man, who I feel has been bullied by his doctor, who is blaming it all on the system.  Magically, the rules just changed, and he is being sent home early.
I have, after many phone calls, made some semi okay arrangements and am picking him up today, again with no help, as my husband and daughter have work and school.  Its amazing that doctors can just assume that families can turn their lives upside down, on a moments notice, just to please themselves.  This is nothing more than the doctor being a bully, and wanting to push more patients through, at the expense and hopefully not safety of others.
I am disgusted with the treatment by this doctor, while also thanking him for the hip operations, as they appear to have worked.  Very frustrating!!!!
Debbie Bates
Daughter of Bullied Patient


Humber River Hospital, 1235 Wilson Av, Toronto, ON, M3M 0B2

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I went to the Humber River hospital at Wilson to do an MRI procedure and during the procedure I heard extremely loud noise and complaint to the technician and he said it is normal.  After I came out of the machine my ear was blocked and when I went home I noticed a ringing in my left ear and it is continuous and now it is eight months and still suffering from the same problem.

I did the MRI on February 23, 2016 at Humber River Hospital (1235 Wilson Av).  I called the Hospital and talked to the technician and complained about my ear ringing and he said it should go away within one week.  I went to my family doctor who referred me to the ENT doctor.  When I visited the ENT doctor he said that my ear had tinnitus and it does not go away.  I asked my family doctor to see different ENT doctor who had told me the same thing.   This issue have severe results on my life and put me in high depression and lack of sleep.   I’m seeking a formal complaint for investigating this incident as I’m suffering too much because of negligence of correctly using the MRI equipment.

Kingston General Kingston Ontario Canada

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I’ve waited since June 2015 for a radio frequency catheter ablation the procedure date was set for Sept 19 2016, then moved to Nov 26 2016 after some B.S. story of their lab being down for ten weeks.I called to confirm on Nov 14 2016 but my call was not returned. I called again the next day and was told they were too busy and put my procedure off again until Dec 12 2016 and the person I talked to wasn’t even sure of that date. I think 18 months wait and counting is ridiculous,incompetent,unfair and unprofessional. This is my health and well being the’re ignoring!

St.Catharines General

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Hi to whom this may concern,

I am not one to complain about the service, especially from the hospital where people work very hard everyday. There is something that isn’t quite sitting right with me. I will keep this very simple. The day I arrived at the hospital October 26th 2016. My father arrived in an ambulance, which I was uncomfortable knowing he was waiting in the back and didn’t understand English. The administration had said they would come get me as soon as he had a bed. I did not want to be a nuisance so I sat patiently waiting. Around 9pm the paramedic had said to me that she was going off shift but they had found my dad a bed and would probably be getting moved shortly. Which I waiting patiently ( knowing the last thing the administration needed from me was to continuously ask where he was.) I waited until 1130 pm before I had asked at which this point they had already moved my father in the back and changed his clothes and started working on him. Without me translating this to him he had no idea what was going on. Once I had met with the doctor they decided they were admitting him and so I stayed till around 2:30-3 am. At this point I had asked the nurses for a blanket which she had point to where they were and then stated to me ” Oh I guess you wouldn’t have gotten them yourself because it says Staff Only”.


Uncomfortable as I was I had no choice but to leave and get some rest. I came back the next day and had miss his doctor in the morning. Dr Cameron. I had sat in his room patiently again from 9:30am-7pm ( in this time I had wanted to speak directly to his doctor as to what the game plan from there was.) His nurse was wonderful, she was kind and was very patient the fact my dad didn’t speak English. She had paged the doctor a few times which she still had not come to see me ( again very understanding that she does have patients in critical care and could not come see me immediately)

I feel as the doctor gave her grief for even letting her know twice I had requested her. At that point I even would have settled for her calling down to speak to me.

I hadn’t seen Dr. Cameron since the day my dad was admitted. She phoned me once to get approval from me that he needed a blood transfusion the Friday following the 26th. Which I apologized if I unconvinced her the night before and tried to have her understand my worry about leaving the hospital because of the language barrier.

Yesterday November 10th 2016. I had a meeting with CCAC and the discharge (Sandy). We met around 1030am and we spoke till about 11:15. I had started getting my gown on to head into to see my dad where Dr. Cameron had passed me in the hallways and I said hi and smiled at her for no response. I had gone in and seen my dad and during my visit I had noticed these large hives (filled with liquid) they looked like an allergic reaction to some type of medication. His nurse Amy had agreed and said she would get to the bottom of it with Dr. Cameron. I was late for my meeting at 12pm so I had to go and his nurse did mention she would call to let me know. This did not happen. I called around 730pm the night of the 10th and spoke with Amy directly.. she made two responses that did not sit well with me over the night.


“Dr.Cameron is very busy”,

“She did not seem concerned it was a medication reaction”

“I had asked her to come see them and she responded to the nurse that she wasn’t concerned it was reaction”

The nurse did not agree with me but did not disagree that my concern was a allergic reaction, and that all she could do was ask Dr Cameron again in the morning. –


I feel that this may have all been because I had asked her to come speak with me the day after my dad was admitted. When Dr. Cameron came down to see me she was furious the fact I had asked her to speak with me. Her body language said it all. I feel really terrible we were off to such a bad start, I just want to make sure my dads not at a disadvantage because of all of this. The hives on his arm looked the size of a toonie and looked as if the bubble was from something that burnt your skin.  I understand she is a very busy woman, so I didn’t pester and I didn’t demand I did wait 7 -hours to speak with her.


I really hope I am wrong. I just wanted to share my thought with someone. I have not been demanding or unrealistic. After my phone call last night I was worried sick “what if he cant breathe” and with the language barrier and his hands he may not have been able to explain to his nurses that he is not feeling right. I DO NOT want him to be at a disadvantage because of my encounter with Dr.

Cameron but I cannot help but feel he is.


I greatly appreciate your time today.


Lisa Seto





Hamilton General Hospital

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After a first visit to the Emergency rm, after MRI and CT scan my father was told he had a minor bleed on his brain. Which, would have explained his symptoms. After which he was given a large dose of an IV so much that he couldn’t walk and released at 1:30 am, just minutes after receiving this IV. After having the prescription filled the following day his condition seemed to worsen,so we headed back to emergency. After 12 hours of waiting a doctor came and told him it was all in his head and not to return to the hospital!!! My father wasn’t even able to get this mans name. This is unacceptable!!! After seeing his family doctor today, we are again being sent back to emergency at Hamilton General. Rest assured I will be finding out who this doctor was that showed such unprofessional behavior and I will be filing a formal complaint. How dare he tell anyone that they are not to return to the emergency room. My father who is 76 yrs old was doing exactly what he was told to do. This occurred on Nov 1, 2016 in the late evening.

My fathers name is Roland Sedore. We would appreciate it if someone would follow up on this matter.

Any questions please call Sarah Sedore 905-407-1566.

Thank you

Sarah Sedore

St. Joseph’s Health Centre

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I attended St. Joseph’s Labour and Delivery Ward in 2016. I had all my charts from the Brantford General Hospital Labour and Delivery regarding the pregnancy and also all charts from the OBGYN’s office.

I requested a cervical exam to let me know if I was dilated to ensure it was still okay to fly on a plane. I indicated I did not want any kind of pain medication I just wanted to ensure that the contractions I was experiencing had not made me go into active labour and were still only in the Braxton Hicks category. Upon Arrival the nurse requested that I sign a consent for another doctor/hospital. I indicated that I did not want that hospital or any staff there to be giving any kind of direction over my plan of care. I informed the nurse at St. Joseph’s that I had all charts with me and the consent was not necessary. The nurse informed me that she would be back in 15 minutes to do my fetal stress test. The nurse did not return for over two hours, at which time I pushed the call button and requested to speak to a nurse. A different older nurse came in and requested I sign a consent for the doctor to talk to staff at Brantford General Hospital . I refused to sign the request. The nurse then left and refused to give me a stress test. Two hours later I informed the staff I would be leaving and attending another hospital. The older nurse told me to go back to my room and wait for the doctor. I stated that I had been there for four hours and was told I would receive a fetal stress test within 15 min over four hours ago and I proceeded to the exit. The nurse then grabbed my arm and pushed me back into the room. I told the nurse to please never put her hands on me again in that manner. I asked her to please remove herself from the entrance of the door and to please stop blocking it. The nurse then moved away. I proceeded to leave and informed another staff member that I was leaving and that the nurse had pushed me. The doctor came to me and asked me to come back into the room to speak with her. I agreed and followed her back to my room. I informed the doctor that due to my refusal to sign a consent form I have been refused all services and treatments necessary for my baby and I. I was told that I would get a fetal stress test but had not got one all because I did not want to sign a consent for anyone to speak with staff members from a facility where I received traumatic experiences.


  •  The hospital refused me all treatments and services due to my refusal to sign a consent form
  • A hospital staff member used excessive force
  • A hospital used force to prevent me from exiting the facility against my will
  • The hospital violated my privacy information rights by providing information to Brantford General Hospital doctor, Dr. Bates when I refused to sign consents to release information.
  • The hospital relayed false information to the Children’s aid society – stating that I was requesting bloodwork when that is not true. I was requesting a fetal stress test and cervical exam to indicate whether or not I was in active labour and to find out if it was safe to fly on a plane within the next three days.
  • The hospital further falsely stated the events that occurred during and leading up to the excessive force used by a nurse staff member to prevent me from leaving against my will.

North York General Hospital

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Unfortunately, I had to visit the ER once again for a bowel blockage (21-09-2016) in the morning (about 9:30 am.) yet for some strange reason was denied my anti-seizure medication because the nurse kept saying that the dr. had to approve. The entire day went by, and I kept asking only to be denied several more times, (even though I had brought my own pills) and had been told before to take them with only a small sip of water! I stayed in the ER overnight and when the blockage had seemingly passed then I was released to secure a bone scan in the same hospital. To make a long story short, this caused a seizure a few days afterwards which in turn resulted in the loss of my drivers’ license. Not only should this not have happened, but it should somehow be recorded on my chart that I need to take this medication regularly. I have a drug sheet on my person (which describes the meds. that I am on, the dosages, times, etc.) so there is not a need for a mix-up!!

This is not a complaint with the intention of getting anyone in trouble but a strong concern!!!

Thanks for your attention to this matter and looking forward to your prompt response… .

HSC Emergency Winnipeg

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On Friday evening, October 14th, 2016, around 8:30pm, my father, Antonio Albanese, was taken to the HSC Emergency department because he was in such extreme pain due to a herniated disc, that he was experiencing chest pains.  My brother had gone with him.  The ER staff saw him right away because of his chest pain and did tests.  They completely ignored his herniated disc pain, except to give him a shot of morphine.  My father cannot take morphine, as he has had reactions to it in the past.  He didn’t know that they had given him morphine until after they had already administered it!  No one asked him anything about it!  Strike one!  Unfortunately, my brother had to leave around 10:30pm because he does shift work, and they had not yet gotten the results back from tests about his heart.  Before he left, he made sure they had his cell number and my cell number (I live an hour and a half away).  They had told my brother that they would be keeping him overnight anyway, so my brother said he would be back first thing in the morning.  At 4am, the staff realized that his heart was okay and told my dad he had to go home!  NO ONE phoned my brother or myself, instead they told him he had to leave by taxi!  They gave him no help whatsoever.  They only asked if he money for the cab.  My father is 83 years old!  Was in extreme pain still, because of his herniated disc and they did not bother waiting ’til the morning when my brother was due to come back!  Strike two!  So, my father goes out into the cold, rainy morning (4am on Sat Oct 15) and tries to get a cab!  Thank God nothing happened to him between the hospital and his home, except that he was feeling dizzy and weird, due to the morphine shot!  Then, the next day, he felt something weird on his skin and realized that they had left all their heart monitor tabs on him!  Strike 3!  What a disgusting display of disrespect and incompetence!  To kick an 83 year old man out of the ER, without calling anyone or even helping him themselves is shameful beyond belief!  I am so livid that I’m contemplating calling his lawyer and filing some kind of suit against the hospital!  And going to the media, as well!  This is our healthcare system now?  Has everyone lost their care and compassion?  I pray something will be done about this, otherwise I will take action!

Port Perry Hospital – Lakeridge Health

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Unfortunately, I was taken into the ER by ambulance (23-09-2016) and later diagnosed with a probable seizure and unresolved bowel blockage. Nevertheless, I have several matters that were of concern about my time of medical crisis.

Firstly, I was concerned about being put in a room (when admitted on the floor) that was not only co-ed. but the male had a security guard on him that was later removed for his convenience but put me and the other lady in the room decidedly at possible risk! There was also a blatant lack of hygiene in that he (the other patient) would urinate all over the bathroom floor and I would have to notify the nurse before entering; now I ask if this is really my job as an obviously ill person; don’t I have the right to expect some cleanliness during my hospitalization?

In addition, I felt bullied into perhaps  giving permission (both verbal and written) for an MRI. I have a metal plate in my head from a previous operation and both my son, an advanced care paramedic, other family members and myself had apprised both the nurses and drs. of that. I cannot tell you the great amount of frustration and sadness this has caused because not being listened to is undeniably unacceptable not to mention the fact that I could have instantly died from that procedure (MRI)… .Consequently,  I asked again to speak to the dr. and told him of the journey that I had already been on at North York General Hospital wherein a panel were directly responding to a request from The Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Campus, as a pre-test to a liver biopsy.  As well as having been told that I have several additional chronic conditions, I now live with GIST; an advanced, terminal and metastatic cancer!!

So too, I want to mention the fact that the surgeon desperately wanted to do what surgeons do well, and that is to operate on my bowel!!! When I discussed with him the fact that a well known surgical oncologist in Toronto had denied the referral to do so having been sought after by another  medical oncologist at The Odette Centre, Sunnybrook Campus, and recommended to me that I come to him for any problems, the said surgeon in Port Perry proceeded in saying that he had called Dr. Stotland himself (someone that had trained him years ago) and he said to him that he didn’t expect me to live so long so go ahead and do whatever he felt right. I am sorry to say that I don’t believe this and remain concerned because this is my Life we are talking about and I worry that if I was in a state of not being able to speak up for myself then I would face great difficulties or premature death… .

This is not a complaint to get anyone into trouble yet merely to point out where shortfalls in the system lie… . I realize that there are ‘cut-backs’ but obviously these are not appropriate if they compromise a patients care… . Hopefully, these concerns can be somehow highlighted in my file for future reference… .

Thanks for your attention to these matters and I look forward to your review and response.

Monfort Hospital Ottawa

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Had a family memeber at Monfort Hospital. The ER department and the ICU staff are amazing but the Medicine Department on the 6th floor is the worst. The night shift nurse showed up once only to sign her name on the log sheet during her entire shift. Only the PSWs do their work. Had a day nurse give us attitude because of a simple request and that one wasn’t even our nurse. Why work at a hospital if you don’t like WORKING in a hospital. The other patients would scream for help and the staff will only bat their lashes. The cares given here, good God. Baffled by the Medicine Department. Silver living though, one of the day nurses was a pleasure. The others, bless their heart.

Oakville Hospital, OAKVILLE, Ontario

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My complaint is against the Oakville Hospital and my surgeon, Dr Weening , an orthopedic surgeon ‘who operated on me in March 2013 along with the anesthetist, a last minute replacement from the scheduled anesthetist I met the day before to discuss my medical history having NARCOLEPSY, a neurological illness and anesthetic must be carefully monitored. According to Dr Weening she had another commitment. If true, why was she scheduled to be with me? I had a brief discussion with her replacement and my 2 hour surgery began at 8 am and finished at 10 am, so I was told; however, I did not wake up from the anesthetic until 6 pm, 8 hrs later. Dr Weening or a hospital doctor never came to examine me and explain why I received an over dose of anesthetic. A former colleague witnessed the time I woke up at 6 pm but later refused to testify. With good reason,I believe she was paid by the hospital to  remain silent. I never saw Dr Weening for 2 mos, & his reason ‘it takes some people longer to wake up than others’ but not 8 hrs.  I was more convinced there was something definitely wrong when Dr Weening wrote to the College of Physicians & Surgeons ‘he was satisfied I was awake & alert after my surgery, even talking to him’ which is totally false. During my recovery I experienced memory loss, unable to recall even names of my family and depression became another serious issue which I still have. I wrote to the hospital and asked for an investigation in the fall of 2013 and a Mrs Pond was assigned to my case. After several mos without a word I contacted the hospital again and told she no longer worked there and my file was missing. Kelly Ingram replaced Mrs Pond and defended the hospital with no explanation why I received an over dose of anesthetic and the worse hospital experience in my 73 yrs. I had a new knee and even using the bathroom was difficult but there was no support and little physio. I became extremely upset when discharged without seeing a doctor and the nurse tried to convince me a doctor made 6 trips but I was always asleep. I left the hospital without seeing a doctor. I have attempted to find answers and the truth, but received neither. While under anesthetic there were concerns when my blood pressure dropped very low. The CEO, John Oliver, suddenly resigned and a surprise to everyone considering his $500,000 a yr income and a new hospital due to open the following  year. His replacement, Denise Hardenne, refused to meet with me. I made many attempts to retain a lawyer to help me but refused. They felt I suffered no consequences resulting from the over dose of anesthetic ‘s without realizing an over dose of anesthetic may contribute to Dementia or Alzheimer’s. What kind of life have I been sentenced to live with? My depression and years wasted to receive justice were ignored by the hospital and all I received were excuses but nothing justifies giving me an over dose of anesthetic lasting 10 hours for my 2 hour surgery.  I returned to emergency and on one occasion kept for several days and given tests I did not ask for, including a brain scan.  Lawyers do not recognize my injuries are just as real and living with the risk of early Alzheimer’s is a sentence no one should have to live with.  The hospital investigation lied to protect their reputation and the malpractice or doctors. This has gone on too long and hopefully with a hospital Ombudsman, it will change. I am asking for financial compensation not only from the over dose of anesthetic, but the years I have wasted to receive justice and denied over and over again by the  hospital. If someone can justify why I received an over dose of anesthetic lasting 8 extra hours, why haven’t they come forward? I trust my medical problem will receive the justice it deserves.

Yours truly

Glena Stanley  905 691 3066





and he made

Oakville Hospital, OAKVILLE, Ontario

October 10th, 2016 by Anonymous No comments »

My complaint is 3 years old and nothing was done about it except denying any fault on behalf of my surgeon and anesthetist who gave me an overdose of anesthetic lasting an extra 8 hours after my 2 hour knee replacement surgery ended. This is unheard of by any hospital standards and the first thing after all surgeries is to wake the patient asap. I woke up in my hospital room with a colleague standing by my bed and a nurse sitting at her desk. I asked for the time and told it was 6 pm. 8 hours after my surgery ended. I waited for my surgeon to check on me and discuss what happened but he nor any hospital doctor came to examine me then or the following 4 days in hospital and I was discharged without examination by a doctor. I can honestly say the 4 days as a patient was the worse hospital experience in my 73 years. The nurse lied and tried to convince me a doctor made 6 trips to examine me which a doctor never does and if necessary will wake the patient.

I asked for an investigation which turned out to be a joke considering it was done by the hospital staff who denied any thing was wrong and remaining under anesthetic was no big deal except in all other hospitals, it is a big deal and why patients are immediately awakened asap. Lawyers refuse to represent me because there was no physical scars, but neglected to understand this could lead to early Dementia or Alzheimer’s. I am 100% positive something was wrong and may even have been deliberate especially when my surgeon wrote to the College of Physicians & Surgeons ‘ he was satisfied I was awake and alert, even talking to him after my surgery’ which is a total lie. As previously mentioned, neither he or any doctor came to examine me after I woke up.  The hospital continues to deny any thing was wrong, meanwhile the 2 years to lodge a complaint has come and gone which is ridiculous. What other crime is given 2 years to solve? Why do lawyers refuse to represent me? My rights as a 73 year old senior were completely ignored.  I suffer from depression afraid of being a patient again. Why did my former colleague suddenly change her story and immediately when the 2 years was up bought a new car, 2 trips south and Europe, etc.  I am  disappointed with the verdict from the College of Physicians & Surgeons who found my surgeon ‘not guilty’ ; in other words, it was alright to give me an overdose of anesthetic  which lasted 10 hours instead of 2 hours. It was 2 mos before I saw my surgeon and his excuse ‘it takes some people longer to wake up than others, which may be true but not 10 hours especially knowing I have a neurological disorder called Narcolepsy.

Huntsville Hospital Huntsville Ontario

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The odasity of this hospital to have patients surgery cancelled over and over then have you come in for surgery having you not taking your medications for weeks that are needed for pain and to sustain life then prep the patient only to be told oh we are running late on a surgery ahead of you that we are behind and have no time for your surgery today we will have to reschedule you another time and day you will have to go home!!!! The staff at this hospital are rude and very unperfessinal ,lack any compassion and need to be retrained in dealing with people and patients. How anyone would ever want to be treated at this hospital baffles my mind. I have never been so shocked at this kind of treatment in the medical field and would never recommend this nfacility to anyone ever!!!!!

Joseph Brant Hospital

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Hello I am contacting you on behalf of my wife.  Over the past 9 months she has been in and out of Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington for what he have now found out is a Peri Anal abscess. We were advised today by one of the first Surgeons we saw to file a complaint. The treatment and run around she has received has been absolutely shocking. As a member of this community I have donated my own money to this hospital and have fundraised for them on many occasions.  We are very upset about the lack of respect and caring she has received. We are now here for her third surgery for the same issue and have been through numerous surgeons. Her records have been incorrect and incomplete at times and we have had to advise doctors many times of previous procedures and scans she has already received that haven’t worked to try and expedite the process. The store goes on and on and we would love to explain it more.  We only want to make our store known so that the system can be corrected and no one else has to endure the pain and frustration my wife has.

Please advise us on how to take this issue further.

Brad Hails

Submitted via email

East General

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There’s an old man in a wheelchair bleeding from his nose by himself in the hallway and he’s choking and covered in blood. No one insight. The waiting room is like 2 feet by 5 feet. This hospital is a joke and a human on the street would be more concerned than anyone is in this hospital. Our healthcare system is horrendous

credit valley mississauga

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i came today emergency and was told i am not in good health and will be looked at. 3-4 hours later waiting only a temporary nurse came and take information. 2 hours later doctor came and explained and he never looked at previous notes. He assured me some medications instead gave me lousy over the counter medicene to take there and wait back outside. So disgusted. from 6pm till 10pm nothing and poor service and terrible and disgusting place. Useless. I left sick. No improvement waited and useless place.