kgh(kingston ontario)

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I am filing this complaint in order to remove the criminal elements from our hospitals.

It is disgusting that I have been treated as a vagrant and with malicious intent have been labeled ill and targeted not only by neopotist hospital staff but also junkies who used to stalk and use me and destroy my homes and their families.

What they have done is no less then a terror coup in our province and it goes all the way to parliment right to the hospital cafeteria.

gee thanks….I recovered from a brain injury a rape gang gave me twenty years ago and now you are all trying to telepathically and visually project projectiles into my now healed brain.



seven oaks hospital

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William Osler Hospital Etobicoke Ontario Canada

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Care C0-ordinating team in Etobicoke guaranteed me that I not need to be there for my mother-in-law’s discharge from the hospital.   The guaranteed me  that the nurses’ would make absolutely sure that Dorothy had her most VITAL piece of attire come with her — her HEARING AID + Device — yet they failed to send it with her.  Dorothy is 92 is very dependent on her aid.  The 10th floor supervisor Paula Manuel would not respond to my many phone messages & therefore I did receive a call from the Brampton hospital advising me that they would have a nurse locate the aid + adaptor & send off for us.  Next thing, I receive a call from the co-ordination unit stating that they’ll mail it.  We are still 2days waiting for the hearing aid + plug attachment to arrive.  When I called to inquire, I received two alternate answers as to where it was being delivered as well.  I phoned the hospital to try & receive a tracking number for the parcel.  This hospital does not want to take responsibility for this action.  If I’d known that I was needed to make sure that everything was packed for her discharge prior — I would have been there upon her departure to help avoid this but I was assured that it was not necessary.  This is so stressful for our family & for Dorothy.  She CANNOT communicate with this device!  How can this hospital consider “customer service” as part of their agenda.  This is just terrible!

Deep River Hospital, Deep River Ontario

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Today I visited Deep River Hospital to get a birth control prescription from a doctor as I do not have a family doctor and have been on a list for a long period of time. I met with Dr Kukovica who refused to prescribe me birth control because she does not believe in prescribing it. I am a 23 year old married female with a recent pap test that has no reason or concern to not prescribe to me as a patient. The Doctor was extremely rude and unprofessional in how she expressed her opinion to me and is making decisions on prescribing based on her own personal opinion and not based on any religious values from what she expressed in her statements. She related taking birth control to smoking cigarettes and when I expressed to her I was unable to go somewhere else to get birth control she told me to drive an 1 hour away because she’s not prescribing it for me. Or to come back later at night when another doctor is there. She was very uncaring and abrasive when speaking to me as a patient and unprofessional. While being on the list for a long period of time awaiting a family doctor next time I will have to call ahead to make sure this doctor is not working when I go.

RVH Barrie Ontario Multiple Concerns

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Copy of a letter sent to RVH Patient Representative on October 16, 2015

I refuse to go back to this hospital and will drive 45-90mins to go anywhere else but here.  This is just a small (2 incidents) account of the multitude of incidents that I have been witness to or been a part of for nearly 10 years.


Dear Patient Representative:

The time has come for me to sit down and write a letter to you.  For the past five years I have visited your Emergency department four to six times.  All of these visits were upsetting experiences but none more so that the last two visits.

I have multiple medical issues that I deal with on a daily basis.  I deal with daily pain and physical ailments that many others would not be able to tolerate.  I am not a complainer and this is the reason that I have not written to you before.  Last nights visit was the final straw.

I will start with the worst experience I have ever had at RVH’s ER and then will end with last nights debacle.

Last February 2015 I was brought to ER via ambulance in distress with chest pain.  I have a strong family history of Heart Disease and Stroke.  My care was amazing up to the point that I met Leslie, the triage RN, that night.  My mother arrived at the hospital a few minutes after me.  We got my Cardiac blood work and done and was asked to wait in Triage.

At some point after initial assessment I started having chest pains and passed out, in the wheelchair that I was sitting in, parked in the hallway.   I was told that my mother, called out to an ER clerk to watch me while she went to get the RN.   My mother, who is not a very excitable person, went up to the triage desk and told her that I needed help.

Leslie, the triage nurse, started verbally abusing my mother.  She yelled at her in front of a room full of patients and was saying things like “I will call security if you do not leave”, “If you do not stop talking you will be removed”, etc.  At this point an ER clerk had wheeled me, unresponsive, over to Leslie’s cubicle and Leslie ignored me while continuing the barrage on my mother.  My mother told her that if it meant I got to be seen by someone then by all means to call security.

At this point I became aware of what was going on, weakly I reached out and took my mother’s hand and told her “She is not listening, go find someone else, go get the paramedic that brought me in”.  I know now that this would not have helped me but I needed to be seen and I needed my mother to be able to stay with me.  Calling security would have wasted time while I possibly had a cardiac episode.

My mother is one of the calmest people I know, she has had a lifetime of hospital care while dealing with my developmentally challenged, physically impaired, behaviorally challenging brother.   She is the one person I would like to have with me in an emergency.  Not much rattles her…that is until she met Leslie.

My mother left me at Leslies triage cubicle and ran back to EMS DropOff.  While my mother was gone Leslie unlocked my chair, with me slumped over, hand dragging on the floor, and followed her.  She pushed me to the short hallway just past the ATM machine and dumped in front of the elevators saying “Let the paramedics deal with you then” in a condescending voice.  My mother found me there a few minutes later.  My pain had stopped, for the moment, but over the next hour it came on suddenly and lasted about a minute each time.

At some point my mother went to the nursing station and asked if anyone was going to coming to see me.  They told her that I had been taken out of the system and that they did not even know I was there.  It was very busy and it took another hour or more for an ECG tech to show up.

A Barrie Police Officer, who was sitting with a patient, across the hall from me, who also witnessed my dumping at the elevator, interacted with my mother over the next few hours.  She even asked if she could do something to help.  She stated she was upset by the lack of service that was obvious to her that I was not receiving.

Six hours later, a second set of Cardiac Enzymes was done.  I was finally seen by a doctor who told me to go home because it was a “panic attack”.

(I have never had a panic attack and I only have “depression” written in my chart because of one episode with one doctor at RVH who told me I was depressed after I started to cry when he told me there was nothing more he could do for my Crohns.  But for some reason this depression diagnosis keeps popping up at all my ER visits…but I digress…back to my story…)

My mother and I both stressed to him that many, many of my family have severe heart disease and that my father had had a Quad Bypass in his thirties.  My father was one of the lucky ones in his family.  All his results had come back normal.  He survived only because he collapsed, mid sentence, while talking with his cardiologist, on a CCU with all the equipment needed to keep him alive a few feet away.  He had a 90% blockage in his LAD.  All of his tests had come back normal too.  Heart concerns are utmost priority in my family!

I was brushed off, given a requisition for a Stress Test and discharged.   This came back normal.

The pain continued periodically, sometimes days apart, over the next few weeks.  I was diagnosed with A-Fib a few weeks later, after going to another hospital for assessment.

I realize that doctors can only evaluate what the results tell them.  I am not complaining about the misdiagnosis.  I am horrified at the thought that if this had been something more severe than A-Fib then what would have happened to me?  Leslies lack of people skills and compassion is appalling to me.

Yesterday, at lunch time, I was advised by my NP to go to ER to have an assessment done to rule out a possible IUD migration/misplacement.  I had an IUD inserted five weeks ago to help with a Hyperlasic Uterus.  I was registered, triaged and sent to Minor Exam quickly.  I expected a wait, I thought 4-5 hours would be the outcome but hoped for 3-4 hours maximum. 

At each interaction with staff I had to correct them by saying that the IUD was not for birth control, I also had to correct them many times saying the bleeding started eight months ago and the pain started, the day after insertion, five weeks ago.  For some reason they kept getting this mixed up/did not correct it.

Due to the pain I was unable to sit so I slowly walked the halls.  All the nurses on staff when I arrived at Minor, acknowledged me.  I asked, and was told, it was okay to do this.  I walked a rotating “C”, (from ice machine, back around past the two fire panels and then up towards the cast/optometry rooms, turned and went back to the starting point).  I ensured that I was not walking in front of the nursing station at any point because it was busy there and I am intensely aware of confidentiality.

Bloodwork was done and I was finally given a room about 1600hrs.  I did not have any form of entertainment (no phone or book), it was painful to sit or lay down and I just wanted to lean against the wall or walk.

There were four filled seats (“Patients Waiting for Imaging”) right outside my room (#7), and four more filled seats, also awaiting imaging, next to the bathroom.  A mother was walking with baby in a stroller around the unit, passing in front of the nursing station every minute or so and there all the exam rooms in front of the nursing station was full.  Of all of these patients I was probably the furthest from the nursing station.

So it was with surprise that while I was leaning against the door way, in pain, eyes closed and trying to breathe away the pain I was hearing a voice say “Excuse Me” again and again, with increasing volume.  I opened my eyes to see a nurse looking at me from the nursing station, over by where the charts hang, and when she saw me look at her she said “You need to go lay down”.  I shook my head no and said “I am not comfortable lying down” to which she responded “You can’t stand there in the doorway”.  I thought maybe due to fire regulations or safety concerns but before I could respond she continued on, I a strident voice, that “There is confidential information here and I can’t have you standing there listening, you need to go in your room and stay in there until you are seen by the doctor”.  I was severely embarrassed and a little confused because all these other patients were clearly more able to hear or see what was going on in the nursing station more than me.

I was having another pain episode so I stepped inside the room a half meter or so and leaned against the sink.  She obviously could still see my body just inside the door and came into the room to again chastise me for supposable eaves dropping.

(Funny side note…I had been a PHIPA trainer for years when working in Long Term Care and Retirement)

I made it to the corner of the room, near the sharps container, pushed the table out of the way and made room for me to have space to lean against the wall.  This nurse came in a few minutes later, to give me some pain medication, and again chastised me and told me that other patients complain about lack of privacy.  I did not respond to her, I just took the medication and water to prep for a Pelvic U/S, turned, closed my eyes and braced myself against the wall, ignoring her.  I was professional and did not want this situation to escalate.  She continued talking, in a strident voice, about my health issues and that a doctor would be in shortly.  At no point did she concern herself the there were four patients sitting right outside my room door, less than 2 metres away able to hear everything said, it did not stop her from talking, to those same patients right outside my door about tests they were going to have done, nor did she lower her voice when she was in the room next to mine talking to a patient about a miscarriage and later talking to a (unseen social worker?) about another patients lifestyle and rehab,  I heard all of this while inside my room.

Since I had been told not to leave my room and I was now is less pain, due to the medication, I decided to lie down in a knee-chest position.  I must have fallen asleep because I woke up about an hour later, bladder not full,  drank more water and waited for someone to come get me.  Another hour or so passes before the ward clerk came in to say she is calling for a volunteer to porter me to U/S.  Another hour passes while I stand and listen to the staff in the nursing station try to figure out what to do because they have lost my chart, thought I had already been to ultrasound, could not find my results, etc.  Finally, they found my chart on a different unit, sent me to ultrasound and I returned to my room.

The ultrasound technician was an absolute angel.  She was exactly what a healthcare professional should be.  She provided me with a pad, mesh panties and a new robe because the one I had on had been bled through but I had not noticed.  She was calm, courteous and put me at ease during a painful procedure.  I wish I could remember her name.

Now nearly 2100hrs, I was finally seen by Dr. Bedard, who clearly had no information for me besides that the ultrasound showed the IUD is likely in place. They could not tell with absolute certainty.

He told me it was likely just menstrual cramping or a Crohns episode and he suggested to remove it and to go on an alternative Birth Control.  I tried to explain AGAIN that this IUD was for a Hyperplasic Uterus, to help suppress uterine cancer, that biopsies were pending and that I have never had vaginal bleeding except with my thirteen miscarriages and that I have never had a “regular” menstrual period.  Actually I have had Amenorrhea my entire life.

When he told me that he did not understand “Hyperplasic Uterus” and again repeated an alternate birth control plan I decided that I would be safer going to another hospital.

I left after nearly eleven hours in ER with an inconclusive ultrasound result, a chastised psyche and a prescription for some antiinflammatories.

I know this letter is long, I know I have probably been much more wordy than I should have,  I also know that I feel so much more relieved after writing it.  I thought, five years ago, when we moved to Barrie it was a good decision to make.  We wanted to be close to a hospital as I have multiple health issues and so do my two special needs children.  Royal Victoria hospital has let us down at every visit.

I did my nursing training at Royal Victoria Hospital 22 years ago.  I have seen big changes over that period and I am not sure it has been for the better.

Thanks you for your time,

Melissa __________

Registered Practical Nurse (retired)

Human Services Worker

Crisis Counsellor

Credit velly Hospital

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My complaint is regarding parking at hospital. At the main patking counter where I got my parking card made and I paid $40 for it.  The person behind the counter was maybe an Indian or Pakistani. Before I purchase the card he informed me that this card is valid for One year and I can use it for 5 days in one year.

The person sold me the card asked me not to insert the card in machine when I use it for first time, I did accordinglly and he let me in for parking so no card was used. However, this morning my brother used the card in the parking machine but machine did not return the card and he had to call for support and end up paying for parking again!

Patient name is Akashdeep Bhogal  Son of Mandeep Bhogal

I am hoping that you will take action and get back to me.


Mandeep Bhogal


Mackenzie Hospital Richmond Hill

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On Sept 4, 2017 my husband and I went to Mackenzie health fracture clinic where we were referred to an Opthalmologist to investigate a cut on his cornea. The referral was urgent. We checked in amd waited 2 hours before the 2 ladies atvthe front desk told my husband that his health card was expired. We had just been at the Uxbridge hospital the same morning and there was no memtion of his health card being expired there.

As this was the first time we were hearing about this we asked if we could still see the Dr. And he wpuld go the next morning to get a new health card (it was labour day so service canada was closed). They said no unless we paid for the service out of pocket. They said the service was just under $600. We asked if we would get reimbursed the money back once we fixed the health card misunderstanding and they said no.  Well we didnt have the money. They then said the visit would be $350. How it dropped $250, i dont know.


Needless to say we were turned away, with my husbands eye sight at risk all for a measley few hundred dollars. We were born amd raised in Canada and both worked since we were 14 years of age and have paid taxes for 20 years to ensure we would be taken care of by our health system if we ever needed it and we were turned away as if we were a second class citizen.

Kingston General Hospital, Kingston ON

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I have had numerous negative experiences with this hospital. Recently, my friend was turned away from their emergency department while having severe mental health issues, because they were “too busy” to help her. A psyciatrist requires a referral from a doctor, and she was in crisis. It is hard to get help in the city for mental health so when someone is turned away in the middle of the night with mental health problems it’s not ok. My mom had a client come to her agency in the night in a taxi; the woman had been released despite still having poor mental health, no place to to, and no further referrels or help. The hospital also told the woman and taxi driver that KGH was affiliated with this agency who would pay the taxi because they get funds for ir from KGH…which is a LIE. So my mom paid for it out of her own money.


I went into the ER with a severe migraine it caused very bad nausea. I told them I was allergic to a certain medication for nausea as multiple doctors had given it to me and said to put it on my allergy list and never let someone give it to me. Each time I go to the hospital they argue with me, make rude sarcastic comments and say I’m not really allergic to it I can’t be. Multiple doctors have given me the nedication anyway depsite my arguing resulting in a severe reaction requiring more medication to fix the reaction and more of the doctor’s time. All because they won’t listen to me and are condescending even though my mom (usually at the hospital with me) is a nurse, I have taken life sciences and just graduated university with a degree. What took the cake though was when a nurse LIED TO MY FACE when I asked what she was hanging in the IV. She said gravol, hooked it up and left. Within a minute, not even, the severe reaction began. I yelled what did they give me this isn’t gravol what’s happening! I barely remember anything else other than the nurse running and saying, “oh wow, she really IS allergic to it. We said it was gravol but we hung the other stuff because we wanted to see if you were actually allergic.” I ended up more sick than when I went in, worsened my migraine, and had to stay longer in the ER. I didn’t know I had signed up to be part of a clinic trial…this was completely unethical. I also ended up walking on a broken pelvis for over 2 years because the doctos in the hospital would not believe me. I was admitted onto pediatrics at one point and the doctor eventually told me the pain was in my head, another said it was because my dad had died, and they tried to aend me to the psychiatric hospital. I refused, argued the pain was real check my pelvis and muscles but no one listened. I left the hospital but was made to see multiple psychiatrists who all said I did not need to be seeing them. Over 2 years later of pain and suffering, lost tine at work, fighting with doctors and being treated awful, it was found I had a broken pelvis. I recebtly was telling a doctor who has this in my charta nd inquired and it took him 2 seconds and he cut me off and was like oh yes I know all about that…did you have these symptoms? When I said yes he was astounded it took over 2 years for it to be foubd….but I guess that is what happens when dealing with KGH.

I have had doctors yell at me, be rude, snarky, condescending, stick their finger in my face shaking it yelling at me….because I pushed the callbell, the nurse came in and did not know the answer to my question so she called and asked the doctor. He felt the need to come to the floor, storm into my room and rudely say, “well you did not need to go behind my back…” and continued on a rude tangent. I told him sorry you like ran put earluer before even asking if I had a question and I started to ask and you kept walking and left. So next time nurse came in I asked her. When she did not know I said it was fine thank you I would ask next time doctor came to see me…I didn’t even ask her to aks him but I thought it was nice she tried to get the answer for me. If she told him I said he ran out before I could ask well sorry he could not habdle being ceitized for his poor patient care and bedside manner.

I have also been in for meningitis and after being in hospital on floor 10 I co tracted c difficile after a few weeks being in there. I am pretty sure it is because someone with c difficile had used the shower chair before me and the psw lied when she said she cleaned the chair. And if they did clean it, hot soapy water is the only thing that killa c diff germs…yet they use wipes to clean the chairs, and hand sanitizer to wahs hands between patients. This does nothing to kill the germs and tjey wonder why there has veen breakouts and deatha from c diff at the hospital? I was told by a nurse in the ER about thw hot soapy water and she was frustrated with the hand sanitizer being used instead, too. I have looked online and this is accurate info. Overall, expect to be waiting long amounts of time for care, expect to be brushed off and treated poorly. If you find a nice doctor or nurse, and they want to help and seem to actually care….cherish them. There have been a few, one who was the sweetest and held me while I bawled in n waiting for the one day. Otherwise, I have many complaints against this hospital and more horror stories.

Bellville General Hospital Bellville Ont

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i was treated horribly i was told to walk to bath room i could walk on leg im n w b for 6 weeks  my iv un hooked they almost forgot to do my antibiotic  physio put my leg in a machine not suppose to i had to dress myself fight with nurse to get leg brace on and my support stocking not put on i was then wheeled to front desk where i sat for 1 hr because i was forgotten 


Fort Frances

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Very frustrated at the fracture clinic.  First time we came to have my sons leg casted we had an appointment for 10:30 am, it was 3 pm before he was seen.  At this point the doctor didn’t want to do anything with it so they just casted it as is after being in a split for 2 days and no new X-rays to make certain it hadn’t shifted.  2 days later they wanted us to come back for X-rays to make certain it was setting properly. We came at the appointment time got the X-rays but was told the fracture clinic was closed that day so I told them that when the doctor gets his shit together I’ll be at home and he can call us there cause I have already spent more then enough on parking.  Doctor called a few hrs later asking us to come back that in fact the fracture clinic is open to have his cast pre cut for they had to rebreak and reset the leg in surgery the next day.  His surgery was set for 10:30 am again this time no food or drink from the night before.  They were again 4 hrs behind so by the time my son was going in he was sick to his stomach and getting dehydrated.  Now we are here again for another follow up that I was originally told was gonna need X-rays before hand but when we register we were told no and we are still waiting so far an hr past his aappointment time.  I believe the hospital should make the doctors that run clinics here responsible for the cost of parking for the patients they make wait far too long.  It would be one thing if it was a walk in clinic fist come first serve but when your given an apointment time they should honour it.  Most doctors charge patients for not showing of being late the same shops go for the doctors. STOP OVERBOOKING our time is worth as much as your

Ottawa Civic Hospital; Ottawa General Hospital — Ottawa, ON

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I was a patient at the Ottawa Civic Hospital in October 2016. I was improperly given atypical antipsychotic drugs. The drugs were Risperdal & Abilify. Risperidal currently has a $2.2 billion lawsuit against its makers Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. for improper marketing of this dangerous drug to both children, adolescents & the elderly.

I was given this drug for what they claimed was a “psychotic episode”. I was also given no warning of the nature & powerful negative side effects this drug creates both while on it & coming off it.

Ever since, I’ve had adverse side effects such as involuntary muscle movements, spasms, aches, mind numbness & solemnence, insomnia, trouble concentrating & memory loss, confusion, near-fainting, loss of breath & balance.

Ive tried contacting the original doctors to no avail, given no answers & am now dealing with body withdrawal effects.

Also in February 2017, I was given an injection of Invega-Sustenna against my will at the Ottawa General Hospital which has very similar side effects as above.

Mackenzie Health – Richmond Hill

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On Sunday afternoon my wife and I happily drove to perform a 3D ultrasound to find out the sex of our 16 week old. Unfortunately that is when we were told to rush to the hospital as there was no heart beat detected.  Upon arrival to Mackenzie Health we waited and waited and at 7-7:30pm the emergency doctor on call ( excellent) had booked us on ultrasound, much later around 10:45pm the doctor came to us and was wondering what we were still doing there as he thought that when ultrasound confirmed his brief ultrasound he did in the emergency that she would have already been taken care of. After he investigated what was happening, he came to us and apologized that the ultrasound technicians had left before the end of their shift, again he uttered, and also filed an internal complaint. He then scheduled us the following morning to come in and do a confirmation ultrasound and then would. E looked after. The following morning came and we did all that we were supposed to do. It has since been well over 36 hours and my wife whom is already having to deal with the loss, is continually being told that we are on waiting list. As I walk the hospital I see that there are 2 types of care providers.  Those who know the job the chose and truly care for what they are doing, however unfortunately I feel that there are several more of those who do little above expected, IF THAT.  Although apparently my wife is not in serious danger, there are several side affects which are associated with a miscarriage and the waiting I believe makes the mind work harder.

St. Catharines General Hospital

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On Friday August 11, 2017 I was taken to the hospital by ambulance because I had a high heart rate and a clinic requested I go. I have a history of GI bleeds. I was there from 11:30 – 7:30. We told the attending physician I had vomited fresh blood the day before and the comment from Doctor Chowe was only once. He later discharged me. Then next morning I had to go back by ambulance and within 1 hour Dr. Shaik found the problem within 1 hour I have had a bleed and needed banding done and was in the hospital for 3 days. I cannot believe the hospital would employee such and incompetent individual.

Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto

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No one answers the phone in the Rheumatology department at any extension.  I have left a message once per day for 3 weeks and they never return a call either at ext 5250 (where the phone just says leave a message and does not identify who you are leaving a message for) or at Dr. Keystone’s office who just has a message saying you can’t leave messages on this #.  It is total chaos!  I am a patient of Dr. Soowamber and was seen on June 30’th, supposed to be given an ultrasound appointment, a followup in August, and a consultation with  a surgeon.  I am in pain and nothing has been done to help me.

Etobicoke General Hospital , Etobicoke, Ontario

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The doctors name is Fameen D Fouzs. He put the staple on my head without giving me Anesthesia. He told me that he will call the nurse to get me clean up but the cut on my head started bleeding. i was bleeding for almost 5 minutes. He did not even talk to about my restrictions. This Doctor is a awful i dont why he became one.

Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto

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My boyfriend has been a patient at the hospital for a month now, for a surgery that was intended to only involve being an in patient for 5 days. Although the surgery team is really good, the quality of the post-op care has been really low. With a few exceptions (a few nurses and PCAs have been nothing but kind to both of us). In the first few weeks, for instance, he had nurses literally forcing him to eat and pee when he clearly didn’t feel the need for any of those things. And we had to fight really hard to let him manage his own diabetes. But just last night was when it got really out of hand. He had a surgery, and that surgery meant he had to fast all day, which is pretty rough on a diabetic. In order to accommodate that he was promised glucose via IV, and it didn’t happen. So by the time he got out of surgery he was hypo glycemic, and dealing with a neighbour that talks to himself none stop, all night long. He hasn’t slept properly for 48 hours because of it, and everyone is simply ignoring the problem.

Cornwall Community Hosptial

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I a filing a complaint against one of your Doctor’s @ CCH, Dr. Jean Emmanuel Augustin, Psychiatrist.  While he may have a degree as a Doctor, he may be SCIENCE/Psychology smart, but he his not HUMAN smart. He is not capable of applying his knowledge in psychiatry.  In my humble opinion he should not be any where near, or dealing with patients who are mentally unstable.  He is NOT a warm, kind, compassionate or empathetic human being.  Qualities I believe are essential when dealing with patients that are suffering mental issues.  I feel he does not possess the skills to deal with mentally fragile human beings, nor does he have the capacity or willingness to listen to the patients parents.  His entire approach was 100% cynical and 100% clinical.  He did/does not have the capacity to truly LISTEN, either to the patient or the very concerned parents.  On Monday July 10th our daughter tried to commit suicide.  While living @ her Father’s house in Chesterville, she was rushed to the Winchester Hospital.  On Tuesday July 11/17, she was taken from the WCH to the CCH & admitted to the psychiatric 4th floor.  To say Sarah’s psychiatric care on the the 4th floor has been exemplary is a total fallacy.  Tuesday July 11th when I went to CCH to see Sarah, she kept saying, “Mom, Mom, over and over again, how she did not like Dr. Augustin, or would she EVER EVER TALK TO HIM!!  She kept saying he was a mean man, and she was scared of him.How pray tale, if one has mental issues, just tried to commit suicide, can they OPEN UP to a Psychiatric Doctor that has as much kindness and TRUE CONCERN as a ROCK?  When Sarah told me all this Tuesday morning, I just thought she was being her usual, over dramatic self, looking for sympathy from her Mom.  About 2 hour later, while her Father and I were escorted to a room for a talk, as we passed through the nurses station, Sarah’s Father and I did see a Doctor there.  In my own mind, I thought, “If this is the Doctor Sarah is talking about, then…….I totally get it.  I totally understood Sarah’s misgivings about opening up to a Doctor, that is sooooo unapproachable.  I saw it with a glance.  Call me ridiculous/strange, etc. does not matter.  There is a thing called GUT instinct!!!!!  My gut is usually 99% correct.  A human being that is suffering from extreme mental issues needs to be able to RELATE to a professional, that……..actually cares, and……..actually shows love, compassion and empathy.  If someone has just tried to kill themselves, do you really think a Doctor with the compassion of a STONE, is the right one for a patient to deal with??  We had a meeting with Dr. Augustin on Friday July 14th, we also had another one today July 25th, and………I still do not trust the man, nor do I believe, he is capable of being a good Psychiatrist.  Today at our meeting it was brought up (fact) that Sarah’s Father and wife have been doing their UTMOST to get Sarah into the ROH. Last week while her Father and I were in her room, her Father asked that she sign a form, that could greatly expedite her transfer to the ROH.  Sarah refused.  Before today’s meeting, Sarah told her Father and I today, that Dr. Augustin said it was blackmail!!!!!  Really?????  Today when Sarah’s Father, myself, Sarah, Dr. Augustin and the Social Worker where in the conference room I said to him,” I don’t think what you said to Sarah was appropriate. Her Father, I and her Step Mother only want to get her help.  For you to say it is blackmail is not professional, and as a psychiatrist, you should not being saying that to a patient.”  Dr. Augustin then said, “Then file a complaint.” So…..I am!!!  He has been NO NO NO HELP to Sarah, soooooo it falls unto her parents.  What the wise Doctor has never seemed to GRASP!!!! it that we as her parents who have been dealing with her mental health issues for 11 years now!! We have done all that we can, but we both know that we are not capable of helping our child anymore.  We are looking for DOCTOR’S and truly concerned health professionals that will get our daughter out of the darkness and into the light.  While Dr. Augustin looked down his nose at us today when both of us said for the SECOND TIME, that……..we just can’t take her back to live with us, I would think if he was a TRUE DOCTOR, he would understand how much we have gone through, and……..we do LOVE OUR DAUGHTER, but we are just not equipped to deal with her mental health issues.  So sad, too bad, that Dr. Augustin, as a Doctor, takes our daughter’s life and care so flippantly!!!


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My ex husband and were separated but very close friends and cared about each other and got along great for our daughters sake. He visited the RVH probably a dozen times, perhaps more? Or less, I am not sure, for years, as he had COP lung disease and he was having issues with his breathing. He had a tumour in his lungs they knew that, and it was growing. We were separated because he had a dependency on pain medication fed to him from his family doctor here in Barrie. This doctor wrote hundreds of scripts for pain medication at the time, his reception said “weekly”. Anyways, that was the reason for the separation, but the tumour in his lung had nothing to do with his growing dependency on opioid like painkillers. Yet his family dr and RVH ignored his lung issues, and he was unable to obtain a family doctor in Barrie at that time there was a shortage.

Perhaps because Christie Cadotte, 38, a former doctor recruiter in Barrie wasn’t doing her job, just being a criminal, who knows why they had Dr shortages at that time. So my husband was ignored, for a few years and his tumour grew to the size of a grapefruit in the meantime.

Eventually he did get help and he did have the tumour removed, and piece of his lung. But while he was being treated with contempt from RVH staff, who’s nurses sometimes accused him of “drug seeking” when he went because of his failing health. The tumour was allowed to grow. The years he went through that, he has issues with breathing and he could only sleep sitting up. If he lay down the tumour affected his breathing. I believe because of that tumour he developed pretty serious heart disease and that, coupled with more medications and now methadone for his pill addiction, coupled with the benzodiazepine’s and every kind of anti anxiety medication that can dream up, he then had deadly heart disease and had to have a 14 hour life saving heart operation in Toronto. At the Peter Monk Centre. They saved his life.

A year later right after he spent Christmas with us, something terrible started with his heart. He was gasping for breath, and I was frightened for his health again. I brought him to emergency in Barrie  and my ex HATED RVH but we went, we met the cardiologist who was great, thank you Dr D, my ex was doing good everything seemed like it was going to be okay. My ex explained to the cardiologist he did not want to be treated at RVH but could he please go to Newmarket? The Dr said yes, and I agreed. Everybody I know has only been treated very poorly and they have made nearly fatal mistakes too many times with everybody I know.

The next day I was at work and I could not reach my ex by phone, when I went to see him at RVH he was so OVERMEDICATED he could not even speak to me. He was going in and out of consciousness and I told the nurses he was over medicated! I should have stayed with him but when the closed the hospital at closing hour, January 2016, I left. When I was leaving, I noticed the male nurse removed the alert of the item that they leave on his finger to monitor his pulse or whatever it is. I asked him to put it back on and to please check on him (my ex) often. I heard after I left he was seeking help and fell on to the floor. I do not know what happened, why they gave him so much medication, but they called me at 4 am to tell me he had passed away. And I had to go collect his belongings. Apparently they gave him narcan and he became highly agitated and then they gave him a little bit more of what they had given him earlier he went into a cardiac arrest and they called for a code blue and he passed away at 48.

I feel the years he went to the emergency at the RVH and he was either dismissed, ignored, or was treated in a patronizing manner caused real damage to his health, his lungs his hearts. I find them that way with my mother who has been battling breast cancer for 25 years. And it is metastasised, but the cancer is sleeping right now. I just find people from the ambulance to some people who do intake to be terribly rude, cold, its like they are all missing a gene called common sense and have such terrible burden with their jobs they are so patronizing I can not STAND THE PLACE. The volunteers are lovely but in the blinged out super mall of a hospital I recommend avoiding the place if at all possible. RVH is NOT equipped or prepared for ongoing chronic disease treatment. You are better off trying to find a alternative treatment and alternative medicine doctor. Although I am sure they are great for acute injuries, broken bones etc. Just try to avoid RVH for anything outside of that. You will wait for up to 10 hours in a waiting room for a dismissal and probably a condescending attitude from the staff there.

I avoid that place and I hope I never have to go there myself ever, except to visit a sick friend and I will always encourage that friend to get the hell out of there. I just do not like many of the nurses attitudes etc. They need some kind of support themselves to deal with patients emotionally perhaps.

Grey Bruce Health Centre Owen Sound Hospital

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  • Currently waiting for my 8 yr old son to be seen by the doctor. We’ve been waiting 4 hours already, for a possible tick bite. I know not an emergency but he doesn’t have a family doctor because we’re a military family that moves a lot but we’ve been here 2 years and health care connect is a useless waste of money. 4 hours is a long time to wait for an 8 yr old.

Kingston Hotel-Dieu HIV Clinic destroyed me

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Kingston Hotel-Dieu HIV Clinic WARNING Don’t go there !
They are policing Patients (Specially the ones who are receiving social services (ODSP or Ontario works)) !! That means your rights WILL BE abused. They have the medical science to help you but it is what they implement (Settings) in their clinic that are most often the problem (Hidden agendas) In the end the patients living with mental health issues will pay the most…
They did this to me!
It could happen to U