Trillium Hospital Mississauga

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My father was ill and brought to this hospital. He had some bowel issues, with out going into detail. He was operated on shortly afterwards. The surgeon promise my mother he would be ok. He ended up passing away. While in Icu, he was sedated and paralyzed. The nurses would come in the room and say that my father is strong but dying. The nurses had theses conservations in the room with other nurses. It is a known fact that we are careful with our words with sedated people because we don’t know how much they can hear. The nurses made it out a big deal that I wanted to speak with the doctors. It was pulling tooth and nails. Truly a shame. If it was there loved ones, they would be behaving differently.

Centenary Hospital

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Walk in doctor decides not to show up at 10 a.m. wasn’t there for 11 a.m. The clinic opens at 10 a.m. as a professional, being at work on time is something I expect to be a standard. In the hospital business I’d expect there to be some sort of pride in the job. It may just be a walk in, but people rely on these services.

Western University Hospital, London Ontario

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Tonight my friend Matthew is in serious need of medical attention with severe heart pains that have been coming on every five minutes. We went to this emergency because we have no mode of transportation to anywhere else. The triage nurse did not believe this emergency situation and the wait we were told to wait 6 hours minimum.  THIS IS AN EMERGENCY THAT CANNOT WAIT 6 HOURS!!!!! THIS IS CANADA WHAT ARE WE PAYING TAXES FOR?????? If there are not enough doctors to handle patients with serious life-threatening emergencies such as extreme heart pains then more doctors need to be hired. Period. I am LIVID with the service of this hospital. We cannot afford to call 911. We do not have enough money for food as university students let alone the ambulance bill. I am sick to my stomach with anger at the absolute awful (and lack of) treatment. I have been here before with a migraine and was made to wait through the pain for more than 3 hours with no medicine for the extreme pain. When the pain finally subsided and I was seen, the doctor on duty told me “Oh, you do not look like you have a migraine, there is nothing I can do for you”. That is OBVIOUSLY because I was continuously moved down the line of patient priority until I was the last to be seen by the doctor for the entire night. At the very bottom of the list to be treated when all I needed was something to stop the pain. This cruel treatment was purposeful and unjustified. This is unacceptable.

Matthew’s father has a very serious heart condition, yet as Matthew was writhing in pain in the waiting room, this was not taken into account and nothing was being done. We currently do not know what to do because we have no other options other than to wait out the pain at home and hope he is not having a heart attack or dealing with a fatal heart condition. I am writing this message because Matthew is in too much pain. This is exam season at UWO and there is absolutely no time to wait 6 hours or come at a different time. The treatment from this hospital is non-existant and more doctors are NEEDED to be hired. All I can say is that if Matthew’s condition proves to be worse because of the lack of treatment or belief in the emergency, there will be legal consequences.

All hospitals i have been to

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I have been abused and midiagnosed by doctors especially at emergency rooms since 1999 even to the point that i almost died of a bowel perforation and gps and psychiatrists refused to even do the test to show i had actually perforated[the bloodwork refected it] and i know it was a face[i almost died!] and still to this day i get abuse and no treatment or investigations into my advanced liver disease complications or very serious liver /gallbladder/heart disease cause the system is broken. And because i have mental illness in addition and once they label you in canada. No Doctor will ever oppose another doctors if you are misdiagnosed and physical problems are blamed on mental. In fact it is so corrupt that if you try to see another doctor for a unbiased opinion or help they will either defend the misdiagnosis of their colleages or if the doctor is fair enough to look at the whole story and sees there is misdiagnosis they will just not get involved at all. I was told by my family doctor that Alberta health services teaches at seminars to drop patients like me with mulitple health problems cause we cost the system to much money. And that the doctor in canada do not even have to take the hippocratic oath anymore in canada or at least alberta. It is all about money and nothing about helping human beings i have learned this from 40 years of abuse and mistreatment including being lied to by doctors, treated like a animal or piece of rubbish and even almost killed by ignorant arrogant incompetent doctors when i perforated my gut in 2002 in thunder bay ontario. But the corruption is worse now in calgary especially cause this city is overtaken by greed money lust. The sign when you drive into calgary says “Be part of the energy” But when you try get help or any compassion or love from anyone there isnt anyone everyone just cares about their jobs and saving money especially in the medical profession. I am being extreme there are some good people but he majority is run by this greed service to self money lust energy which is the mentality in calgary cause of the oil boom which has corrupted the city. Business is the opposite of spirituality which is love and compassion for your fellow human. And calgary is a business based city. But when it gets to the point of abusing humans and causing them severe mental stress its repulsive and that is what i have gotten from the medical profession in canada and especially calgary for about 30 years.

St boniface hospital winnipeg mb

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wait time at hospital taking in patients less or equally serious out of order

lakeridge oshawa hospital

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The complaint is there isn’t any place to park to pick up a patent It is not right that when are having the stress of going and visiting your next of kin for days and weeks and then get a parking  ticket for picking up a patient . There is no place for patient pick up .What of system is that?

Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga, Ontario

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I urge anyone that has issues report them to the hospital patient relations. My grandmother was left on a paramedic stretcher with minimal care for 6 hours before seeing a physician and having only vital signs and oxygen applied.  By the time she had her xray and blood work, it was too late, they said intubate or let her die. Hospitals will change if we keep telling them to. Please write your concerns, make them aware that it is not okay!

Southlake hospital Newmarket out because

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My mom had a small heart attack and needed an angiogram. I was with her until 12 midnight after the angiogram was done. Everything was fine so I went home after bring in the hospital for 16 hours. Whn I called this morning to see how my mom was doing, the nurse in charge came and talked to me over the phone for an update. She told me that my mom was brought down to surgery at 8 am because of arithmia and fibrilations. I freaked out and almost had a heart attack myself. Then I asked my brother to call. When he called he was told my mom was fine. The nurse gave me the wrong information about the other patient who was in the same room as my mom although I told her my name and my mom’s name. Not acceptable!  It is very irresponsible!

Mackenzie Health

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My one-year old was brought to the hospital at noon by paramedics. He pushe back ha high chair and opened the back of his head. I arrive after he was brought emerge. My mother was in the ambulance with him. I went to the nurse that checked him first and was greeted with immediate attitude that started with “as I already explained to the person who was here….”. Yes, but I am his mother. I asked her if there is concern for bleeding or cracking of the skull. She replied with “how would I know? I don’t have x-ray vision.”  To that I replied, neither do I, should we run some tests? She said no and asked me to go wait in the unit he was sent to. There we say with 15 other peiople in “minor injuries” and waited. All were adults who sat and waited. None of them were complaining of pain or showing signs of distress. My one year old was bleeding with an open head and screaming at the top of his lungs. We asked if we could get some space. Another claimed that everyone would like more space and if she took care of us everyone would complain. I find it doubtful because everyone looked at his open head in shock. They kept asking us if he will be ok. My husband arrived and he asked her the same question. She responded with “I already told you there is a line”. He said that this is a baby and a little different. She claimed my baby is no different than all the adults waiting. My husband disagreed. So she felt he was invading her personal space and called 6 security officers. He talked to them rationally and we explained calmly. Security understood and gave us a room immediately. It took them 3 more hours once admitted to do the job. I must say it was the worst car ever. It was the worst treatment ever. We as worried parents felt we could not approach the staff and they all seem distress by people simply approaching them. I am not sure what they expect, it’s emerge. Shut this place down already.

william osler

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I have been exposed to poor service as I was forced to sit in a hallway in a gown all night. I was not given any food or pillows however was expected to stay in the hallway with several other patients who were also in crisis. This exhaserbated my anxiety and made it very difficult to relax. In fact I believe it made my anxiety heighten and get to a level I was not comfortable with.

Please don’t make me disrobe only to the wait with strangers in a pu lic hallway. I believe this is unethical and inhumane.

Credit valley hospital Mississauga

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On the 2nd of Jan 2017 my baby (3 months old) got so sick and had a fever that reached more than 40c back then , I called the ambulance and they arrived and took my baby to the emergency
I kept waiting for around 10 hours (the whole timing)
As I was waiting for hours I got so nervous and I knew my baby’s fever was so high so I asked the nurse their -she was huge with moustache) I can recognize her if I see her again- asked her to check my baby’s fever as it’s too high, she refused , I insisted politely and told her it’s a baby and it might become severe and serious, she refused and said wait for your turn , she broke my heart as I felt my baby is suffering and making noises that she is really suffering I felt so bad , after half an hour I asked another nurse to check my baby temperature and she did , she found out it was 39.8 (almost 40) she ran quickly and get Advil for my baby , my baby was not responding at all , that was terrible, and then she sent me back to waiting area to wait again , the Dr cannot see her before her turn and it seems they don’t care if something serious happens to my baby (3 months old), after all , waiting and waiting and panicking and suffering ( as if I went to slaves hospital not humanbeings) the dr saw her and did urin test , then she said she has nothing go back home and don’t come back unless she faints , that shocked me , it was the worst that happens to me ever , I kept standing there holding my baby and wanted to see th doctor again as I didn’t believe what they are saying , the nurse told me aggressively: what are you still doing here? I said I want to see the doctor again , of course they refused and sent me back home with nothing, they only said to give my baby Tylenol when ever she has a fever and that’s it.
I asked to take a copy of the urine test they did , and sent it to my friend that is a doctor, she told me it shows that my baby has urine infection, I got shocked again , I took my baby right away to a walk in clinic and they recommended to go straight away to Sick kids hospital, I went there with my baby’s temperature 40.3 , she was not responding and almost dying, I was as crying and felt that it’s the end of the world .
They did everything they should do at the hospital and found out that she had urine infection and blood infection and kidney infection, they waited until late hour to send me to St Joseph hospital as they didn’t have vacancies and they couldn’t sent us to st Joseph hospital before my baby’s temperature gets down , once it got down at 2 am they sent us in ambulance to St Joseph , my baby has serious severe sickness and stayed for 11 days at the hospital
Since then she is having antibiotics until today , which is More than three months on antibiotics and still continuing
All of the because of the credit valley hospital that because of their carelessness and not doing their job probably and being not humanitarian at all
The infection spreads all over my baby’s body , it was only urine infection when I went there and because of them it became unrine , blood and kidney infection
They broke my heart as a mom and made my baby (3 months old) suffer and coasted the government a lot a lot of money to cure my baby
I’m asking you to do an action against all doctors and nurses who are causing severe sickness and might lead to death

All required documents are available on request

Samah Ghandour
Mom of Alzain Zara Alfailakawi (the patient)

Grey Nuns, Edmonton Alberta

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The admitting desk at the Grey Nuns is absolutely horrible! the lady we had to deal with dismissed my Dad and I when my Dad had a medical emergency. She couldn’t have been bothered to even get out of her chair. My dad was losing a lot of blood I am talking huge amounts, spitting up blood in the waiting room and the lady could not care.. It took another nurse walking by to rush him into care. The lady at admitting was full of attitude and she was completely rude and showed no compassion. This was the worst night of our lives and instead of being treated like a patient we were treated like garbage. I am in awe that the lady in admitting has a job. If I treated people in the same manner that she treated us, I would find myself without a job. If she can’t show compassion or respect to those in need, she shouldn’t be in the medical field. or perhaps she should take some courses to better herself as she is the first face we see when we get there…It has been two days since the incident and I am still angry with the lack of care.. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.. If you are able to make it to another hospital.. go the extra mile. nothing is worse than being dismissed when you need care and attention and you are scared beyond belief.

Calgary Foothill Hospital parking

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Hi, I purchased a weekly parking pass (Feb 21-27,2017) from Alberta Health Service at Foothill Hospital parking office in the basement of Women’s Health Centre. A parking office attendant who sold me the pass told me that I could park any of the indoor or outdoor parking lots.

On Feb 23, I was very surprised when I received a parking ticket from U of Calgary so I brought it to the same parking service attendant. Then she told me that I could park in any lot except for the one I parked in. She also told me that I should appeal this parking ticket.

I don’t understand why the parking office attendant didn’t have the proper parking information to provide me. If I would have known this particular parking lot is belong to U of Calgary, I wouldn’t have parked in that lot. There is no sign or notice that can be identified easily the difference between the Foothill Hospital parking lots and the only one U of Calgary parking lot in the Foothill Hospital.

It is really not fair as I already paid the weekly parking pass of $40 and now I also have to pay a ticket of $60. I hope someone would help me to resolve this issue!

Thank you for your attention

Powell River Hospital

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Committed a sane man unjustly.(Malpractice)Dr head. Your sign= Abuse of the general public. This is where I am at. I have spoken to a class action law firm in Vancouver. To whom who cares,

My name is Jason Foran, I moved to powell river from Roberts Creek, B.C. with a friend  to start up my painting company and continue producing music and art.

The first job myself and my friend did was for lisa anderson and reginald newmark. We were both ripped off, me for 8000.00+Damages to many valuable personal items. My friend 900.00+ I had paid him out of my pocket for them until they paid him another 500.00 and lisa threatened my friend and told him that he would never see his 5 year old daughter again, threatened a 5 year old girl… The police report if not tampered with can explain the other two pages of criminal actions taken against myself and my friend by mainly lisa and reginald backing her up because he is scared of her.

I filled at small claims for the case with lisa and reginald.

I called the police twice while lisa was damaging all my person items and damaging my vehicles and nothing. They sat there and watched and did not enforce the law.

lisa had someone steel my motorcycle helmet. I tracked it down and reported it to the police at which time the police took it and told me I would get it back in three days. I called them and wrote them for months until I showed up at the station demanding the helmet.

Not long after I got my helmet back I was visited by an officer kicking down my door asking me for a drivers license that I was told would be in the mail. I had a temporary.

The officer then threw me down on my back porch without any notice of what was going on. Then my house was surrounded by police withing 1-2 minutes and several of them came in my yard with police vehicles surrounding my house on all sides. They were purposefully very intimidating using all kinds of entrapment techniques.
My skate board was stolen from my house.The police stole my skateboard because it was missing when I got back. I was the only one there. It was there when they took me down to the station and the doors were locked when I came back and my cell phone was stolen with the incriminating evidence on it not long after…

They brought me down to the police station while several police surrounded me there while asking me to walk a straight line… After that… They brought me down to get a psychiatric evaluation of which Dr head committed me for no reason.

Then Dr Ramirez questioned me far outside of the relevance of what was going on and asked me if I knew anyone in the United States, asked me who I told this information to. Many questions about who I knew and who I had told…

She released me and deemed me totally sane.

Not long after that while I was playing music in my studio in the basement 2 days before the small claims court hearing settlement conference at roughly 9 or 10 o-clock the police show up at my door again and again with no reason they put me if cuffs and again brought me down to the police station and put me in a cell for the night and again brought me to the Hospital for psychiatric evaluation…

The local businesses around my house all stated acting condescending to me. Any time I would go out I would see the same vehicles following me around progressively as well a few with vehicles that started circling my house, ie; wood chippers, garbage trucks, recycling trucks, cement trucks…

I had two bikers in full dress park out front of my house staring directly at me on my porch for 10 minutes straight without looking away.

I was enrolled in community futures and I was on par or advanced from the other students in excellent rapport with the instructor. The program dropped me weeks before the business could launch with no reason given…

The Patricia theater across from the two story house is was renting in a good neighborhood was hosting a multicultural week with the Rotary club sponsoring in part the event. Being an artist I thought it would be a good time to put up my art in the windows and on the porch of which none of it was anything offensive to anyone including children of any race or religion.

Two nights after I put up my art again the police show up at my door. They asked concerned as they have done every time they pulled these tricks if there was anyone else in the house… ( They were concerned with No witnesses.) They put me in hand cuffs again and held me against my will with no reason other than the ones they keep making up for reasons I am not sure of.

Conclusively I believe I was blacklisted. So many laws were broken including the window out of my house by the nazi neighbor.

I am a Christian man. My mother and my grandmother were as well Christians. After not praying for over 30 years… In the middle of all this going on I did not know who else to turn to seeing everyone was for treating me as so I prayed to god.

I had a spiritual experience.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Foran


Trillium hospital mississauga

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Extreamly disapointed in this hospital over the past 2 years. Im not sure what has changed, but the quality of care has significantly decreased! After being told by not one not two but 3 people not to go to this hospital due to poor communication,lack of doctors and ridiculous lack for quality checking all is well. I still went with faith that my 19 month old daughter would get the care she needed.


After being there since 1300 we waited until almost 1800 to finally see the doctor for a diagnosis. He indicated they would start fluids and a cathider to check and assure my daughter did not have a urinary tract infection. We sat there for 2 n half hours to only be told….”oh we accidently discharged her and can no longer find the chart!!!! My daughter is 19months and had already been here all day and has had enough! Mind you, the nurses who were just on coming we re kind and appologetic…that is not the conccern. How do u discharge a toddler and let us sit there for 2 n a half hours when she is dehydrated and supposed to be on fluids!!!!! Im extreamly frustrated with this hospital and the lack of organization! Lack of doctors and disgusting waiting room that had dirt and vomit in the corner of the wall and vomit on the chairs that patients are supposed to sit on. (Recliner chairs had vomit by the hinges near the arm and leg rests) absolutly disgusted latley with this hospital and seriously questioning the health care there.


Hopfully someone actually cares and follows up with conern and tries to get this hospital back on track.

Trillium Health Centre

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my father was diagnosed in hospital with appendicitis, he was not operated on until 12 hours later, instead of immediately. He suffered immense pain, and his appendix burst during surgery which caused further complications causing an infection, long hospital stay, blocked bowels and severe pain post surgery. Upon his arrival at the hospital, he presented with signs and symptoms of appendicitis however was not issued proper testing for appendicitis till several hours later, once the test came back and confirmed it was appendicitis, as stated abound, he didn not receive surgery till 12 hours later. I find this wait time and the lack of medical attention very unsettling.

Vancouver General, Diabtetes Clinic

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The staff there NEVER respond to telephone requests for information about upcoming appointments. I , and my father, ahve left numerous messages but no one has ever called back so if I do have an appointment and don’t know about it I’m damned if I will be saddled with a no-show fee

credit valley hospital, Mississauga

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Recently had a very bad and embarrassing experience at Credit Valley Hospital ICU – B Ward.  I had to take my Visitor mom into emergency due to shortness of breath. She was immediately admitted to ICU and the level of service and the knowledge of the doctors and behavior of nurses on duty is shameful, rather Aweful!!!! If you are so frustrated at your job, get out of this service industry. Doctors started doing tests and no one test whats going on and why they are doing. Once they know she is vistor, they ask insurance and the cheating Visitors starts which shames this Country called Canada that we are proud of. This is what visitors carry there. They should be punished as national traitor. Doctors change every day and they don’t look at history. They started asking old history of years in home country. We asked about the diagnosis based on their tests and their results, they were clueless as if want to see the old report and cheat the results. They couldn’t identify issue for 2 days. keep trying medications.

They admitted to us after 1 day and no room given. We were in ICU for another day at mercy of nurses. As long another person is sitting along the patient, they check once in a while. Once I was gone, no one checks. My mother was too weak to getup or talk (thats why she was in ICU in first place). The nurse always keep checking smart phones. When called for water, they come after 1 Hr and rudely ask what you need (as if they are doing big favors instead of thier job). One nurse names OLGA was terrible even with me. anyways, my mon asked for water to drink. she left and came back after 3 Hrs with iced water. food was served, but no one bothered to tell patient that they can eat or help little in opening packaging. ICU is not hotel, they patients are in critical condition and need assistance.

Even after her pain had subsided and I requested the doctor on duty to let her go home, the doctor on Duty for the night pressurized us to have my mom admitted to the hospital so that proper diagnosis could be done.  thanks to the stubborn emergency nurses that refused to listen to our problem and instead made faces and spoke rudely to us, my mom could’t eat or drink water for 4-5 Hrs. she gave up in end as she has to go to bathroom. I requested 2-3 times.

She was kept in hospital for 5 days and we were scared about various complications by doctors, without telling what tests say and what treatment are they doing. My mom refused to stay at the hospital any longer and she felt so humiliated and ashamed.

And the worst shocker was the $3,085.00 /per day charge  for the room that was made available to my mom after 1 day. she was not even given any service there.

It is so embarrassing that a well known hospital like Credit Valley in a first world country like Canada has nurses with such bad attitude and behavioral issues and Doctors that provide false and misleading information and misguide uninsured patients and their families.

Till date my mom talks about the bad treatment she received at a Canadian Hospitals. I always think “Am I in safe hands when I will need them”

Even in countries like India, which is considered a third world country, the hospitals, staff, nurses and the treatment that the patients receive is 100 times better than what my mom received in emergency in this country.

I hope some action is taken and I am going to raise this issue with the hospitals Patient Relations office as well.

foorhills hospital

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The Ottawa Hospitals

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When going to emergency or even an out patient appointment,you present your health card. The clerk then asks you to verify, your name, date of birth,address, and phone number. Vocally, for all to hear.

Surly there must be a more discrete way to verify your identity ?

Do You Know Who Is Listening?  I have been a victim of identity theft,and it is no fun.