Trillium hospital / Mississauga

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please be advise our service at these hospitals really sucks. I would like someone to contact me to get the full details on our situation. Please have someone contact me at 416-909-5704.

St. Catharines General Hospital

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I am filing a formal complaint against Revia, Social Worker assigned to my Father Ed Chyzewski staying on 1M-16. I am his POA.

Her continual badgering to have my dad discharged has become a form of harassment and bullying. She is speaking with him directly and I have a voice message from him this morning stating she is telling him he has to be out tonight, which proves he is not capable of handling the info she is conveying and he is being intimidated. Since the beginning of this week she has repeatedly told me and him he needs to leave by Monday the 9th. As of yesterday I have secured a room for him at Cobblestone Retirement in  Thorold and I should have it confirmed today of when his room will be ready-possibly 10 days. We spoke with Dr. Shukola after viewing the retirement home yesterday and he agreed my Dad could stay another 10 days. I do know that the Nursing home has been in touch with REvia today as well.

Her behavior is unprofessional and uncaring.

I ask that you re-assign my Dad to another social worker, that REvia not contact my dad again. And if she does I will be filing a restraining order. Her actions are stressful to my Father who up until now has been recovering well from a serious depression. I don’t want him being pushed into a relapse by not having the proper care prior to moving into his permanent place of residence

stcatharines general hospitial

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good day

iam out of town…my mother when i finally got a hold of her at 12 noon was incoherent couldnt get up and all around not right ….now in hinsight i should of just called 911 …but as she is on alarm systems i called my brother who works around the corner….now he decided just to get her to hospitalgr….now this women is 82 years old has 4 stints….she is weak is slurring and has crones disease …..she sat with my brother in er last in waiting room for 8 hrs  …i find this appalling disgraceful and degrading …my brother went up several times and was told she was next i called and my sister called and were told the same lie we were both told she was being accessed  ….they were also told she had diarrhea the night before ….iam confused on what they class a emergency as slurring to me is a emergency iam behind pissed at the treatment of my sick mother …who has low blood pressure is severally dehydrated and has a perforated bowel which took 8 hrs to finally get a dr and a bed….at the least common practice should of been hooking her up to a iv at least  horrid horrid treatment i would complain to hospital but their pages do not work

Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga

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I recently had a very bad and embarrassing experience at Credit Valley Hospital emergency ward.  I had to take my Visitor mom into emergency due to abdominal pain and Diarrhea and the level of service and the knowledge of the doctors and behaviour of nurses on duty is shameful.  My suggestion is if the doctors are not aware of the Hospitals rate cards they should not misguide patients and their families.  Specially cheating Visitors shames this Country called Canada that we are proud.  The ER doctor advised that one CAT Scan was required and would cost about $900.00 to $1100.00 maximum.  However, when the invoice came in I was shocked to see two charges of $1,465.00 each for 2 different CT scan.  No mention of Cat Scan.

Even after her pain had subsided and I requested the doctor on duty to let her go home, the doctor on Duty for the night pressurised us to have my mom admitted to the hospital so that proper diagnosis for the diarrhea could be done and her stool samples sent to lab, if she had any more motions after her morning breakfast. She promised that my mom would be shifted to a ward and given a room in an hour max.  We were there from almost 3 in the afternoon till 5 am in the morning, without them giving any treatment to my mom to cure her diarrhea, without her being given anything to eat, her clothes were wet because of her motion passing two three times which we had to clean as the nurses would not allow her to go to the washroom on time and my mom was cold.  At night I had my husband bring over a extra pair of clothing which was also wet, thanks to the stubborn emergency nurses that refused to listen to our problem and instead made faces and spoke rudely to us, when I made a second or third request.

Even after more than 2 hours had passed after the night doctor promised a room in the ward, the nurse on duty said no bed was available and they did not know when one would be available. My mom refused to stay at the hospital any longer and she felt so humiliated and ashamed.

And the worst shocker was the $3,085.00 charge  for the room that was never made available to my mom.

It is so embarrassing that a well known hospital like Credit Valley in a first world country like Canada has nurses with such bad attitude and behavioural issues and Doctors that provide false and misleading information and misguide uninsured patients and their families.  If my mom was not travelling the following week back to India, I would have taken her to some private doctor, which I probably should have.  Atleast she would have got proper treatment without being shown attitude.

Till date my mom talks about the bad treatment she received at a Canadian Hospital and she does not even know about the invoice yet.

Even in countries like India, which is considered a third world country, the hospitals, staff, nurses and the treatment that the patients receive is 100 times better than what my mom received in emergency in this country.

I hope some action is taken and I am going to raise this issue with the hospitals Patient Relations office as well.

Kingston general hospital

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I am 20 years old and happen to suffer from chronic daily migraines.

Now unfortunately with my migraines, preventatives don’t usually work. But strong anti inflammatories with a narcotic do. So I’ve gone to KGH on numerous occasions and they get very snippy with me and make me wait forever, than give me tordole. Which of course does nothing without the other component.

So they tell me to go home every time and “sleep it off.”

Last night I actually went for a different reason. Severe cramps and abdominal pain, I was crying in pain. I thought I probably had a bladder infection but everything came back fine, then the resident doc comes in all cocky and says “Mehh it’s just menstraul cramps.”

Of course he was a man. And I find and many other women find that people at KGH are not only sexist against women but ageist. They don’t take our pain seriously.

They simply don’t care.

And tells me he’ll give me four regular stength Tylenol and a couple Advil.

I inform him I take Tylenol 3 and prescription stength ibprophene so there’s NO WAY that would help me.

Of course he brushes me off and essentially tells me to get lost. He did say however he would order tests, so he made me wait in agony for another hour, to get the stupid appointment.. By this time my migraine has increased, my cramps have worsened, I’m still crying ECT ECT.

Than he comes back… And low and behold he decides an appointment would be a waste of time, even though I probably have cysts and andrometriosis. It runs in my family which would explain the severe pain.

Not once have I been treated with respect by KGH personal. I always leave in more pain than when I arrived.

Never again.

I have no faith in Canadian hospitals anymore.. And I’m Canadian.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre, Thunder Bay

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I recently came back from The emergency department and I went there because I was concerned my toe injury was becoming dark red and some drainage was present.

Im a 36 year old male, 22 year diabetic, on insulin and long history of foot injuries and infections, my most recent infection reached the bone and was on IV antibiotics for two months.


When I was approached by the doctor he didn’t introduce himself to and asked me what was wrong. I told him my concerns and gave him a complete history, what treatments and what precautions I was taking. Cleaning and dressing it with silver dressings and even with those precautions the site was a becoming darker and stickier.


He said nothing about antibiotic and went out of the room and only gave me a band aid in the most happy go lucky, almost insultingly chipper manner. I’m returning tomorrow and if the doctor on call says different or does more I’m filing a formal complaint.

Napanee general hospital

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Went to Napanee er today as I had been vomiting 12 hours straight and was so dehydrated I couldn’t bare to take it any longer and I had pre warned the nurses I was very dizzy and felt as if I may pass out so than they through me in the waiting room and that didn’t last long as my condition worsened and I could not control my violent dee heaves so I was told to go back into triage where the nurse just got up and left for break as I was there but than the next one came out to me laying in my puke as I had gotten so dizzy I fell off my chair. This is when it gets interesting the nurse told a few people complaining about me laying in my puke so she comes out and goes come on get up your holding people up the only strength I had at the point was enough to get up and try not to show my anger as I was so pissed off. This is not my first bad experience here and it seems to be getting worse my recommendation is drive to picton or Belleville where they have an excellent staff that can see the more urgent patience

Brampton Civil Hospital

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I went to hospital this morning at 7.20 am Friday . the front of the hospital near entrence doors on Bovaird drive was so icy I fell and hurt my knee which has ben replaced.This is not on. It is a hospital and I could have broken my leg.I am 75. I complained to security . just took my name and photo of the area. no further advice or action was taken.If my knee swells or have any problem what do I do? 

Guelph General Hospital

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I called the imaging documentation office to request a disk of my MRI, I have a specialist appointment early in January, not only the attendant at the office was not helpful, she was rude and upon me asking if there was any chance I would win my argument (because I have to argument) she hung up on me. Results I will most likely show up at the specialist appointment without the imaging back up.

Grey Bruce Regional Hospital – Owen Sound, ON

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I understand that the health care system has many flaws, but the Owen Sound Hospital is atrocious. Out of everyone there I have had to interact with (doctors, nurses, specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, etc.) I have only had a good experience with maybe 10 staff. So 10 people out of give or take 100-150 staff. One doctor ignored everything I told her, told me I was lying about my symptoms and did nothing about any of it. At the time I had no GP. I now have to see specialists because I am having numerous problems. A psychiatrist got my licence suspended in April 2015 and gave me no reason for it, then went out and told the nurses and wrote in my file that it was due to the medications I was taking. I was not taking any medications at the time. To this day I still have not got my licence back. I have numerous other bad experiences. There are no good words to describe this hospital whatsoever. This building is a disgrace to Owen Sound.


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I’m pregnant women over 35 years old. I’ve been  advised to bed rest and take it, including avoiding stress when it’s possible.

Tonight, December the 16th, I noticed my left eyelid was really swollen and causing pain and interfering with my vision so my husband and I went to Kincardine Hospital to get it looked at.

When I arrived there the Triage woman name Jean,  was really rude trying to discourage me and gave me a lecture about showing up this late. I explained her it just really got this bad in the last couple of hours. She patronized me, I believe due to my accent and my spanish background. She was definitely nasty.

I want to make a  formal complain so I would like to know the process to do so.


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We have been unable to get proper care for our son – in -law at the hospital here in Thunder Bay, he is severely diabetic and blind .Our complaint is with the  Dr.Watson and Dr.Webster and Dr.Schoales .While in dialysis 4 times a week,he hears Dr.Watson ask how he is ,but when he  answers, the nurses tell him the Dr. has left. Being blind he cannot see him go.He has been to Emerg 3 times this week and is sent home unable to breathe due to fluid build- up he is there for several hours .His body is so bloated his skin is splitting.Yet the Drs. wont sign forms for them to get some outside help ,he is home alone all day while my daughter works and he falls and runs into walls,etc.All agencies need verification of his health problems.Perhaps your department can advise us as to what can be done.Thank You


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To Whom It May Concern:

My daughter has asked me to get some information for her as she works days .Her husband


Port Colbourne

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Helly my name is Brooke McIntee. Today I went to port hospital they stuck me in a room with someone else bloody ramains on the floor..  I tell the doc ive been bleeding from my bowels for 8 days and have been getting severe abdomen pain… she put her finger in my bum and told me its hemroids and sends me home no blood work nothing didnt even feel my belly until i said to her thats it your gunna stick your finger in my ass and tell me its a hemroid then she felt ny belly and said im fine(which I realize is a very unfriendly way to dealth with my frustrations, my appologies).. I also said to her theres someones bloody pic line on the floor thats gotta be the most unsanitary thing ive seen from our health care system she says ive seen worse, there isnt a needle on it so its not like it can hurt you.. I suggest you retrain your staff on regulations because that was beyond a terrible experience. I sincerely hope my insides are okay due to the fact that didnt give me any tests at all. Thank you for your time.

Brooke McIntee

cornwall community hospital

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The executor of my dad’s finances is not doing her job,and I am recovering hospital bills for my dad.why hasn’t the hospital with her help draw money from my dad’s account to pay for his services?what is wrong with those idiots?they put my sister in charge of finances so there is no reason I should receive these bills

fort frances la verendrye hospital

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I moved to fort frances 2 months ago and I needed to see a doctor. My blood pressure will not go down and I’ve had chest pain my blood pressure reading in triage was apprx 170/110. I waited 5 hours in emerge when another patient said she had been waiting since 9:30am (which meant that patient was waiting over 9 hrs. I asked the receptionist how much longer and she responded with there is only one doctor and they have to take the ambulance patience first. since she advised me of another 4-5 hour wait- I decided to go home. I took an extra blood pressure pill and then found myself back in emerge a week and a half later. this time with similar but slightly different symptoms. chest pain had subsided slightly but even with a blood pressure pill I was still not able to get blood pressure under 170/110. My blood pressure was still high going in and I actually saw a doctor within two hours. She did a swab test and verified I did have an infection and we talked about all of my other symptoms. She asked me about my history of kidney and ovarian disease and my past miscarriage. The doctor did not do any other tests, she just said shed call when the results came back and they’d prescribe antibiotics.  After 4 days I hadn’t heard back so I called the hospital. Spoke to reception in emerge and they had no record of me being in the hospital ever! I said I still had my wrist band and I knew that I had an infection. She then transferred me to the nursing station in emerge and I spoke to a male. I advised him of the time and date I was in the hospital emergency. He couldn’t even tell me who the doctor I saw was even though she was the only one working on Sunday November 27th 2016. He again confirmed that they have no record of me being in the hospital so they are unable to get my test results.  They advised me that the only suggestion is to return to emerge and wait to see another doctor. I have tried to get contact information from the hospital website to file a complaint but I have found no email anywhere on the site. For so many board of directors sitting on the sunshine list, you would think they could have better patient services??!

Credit Valley Hospital

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Okay so I finally seen my ortho at Credit Valley for existing shoulder problem. I am also on workers comp the ortho booked appt for a mri I had something personal happen and I missed my first appt. So I re-booked it for and they gave me appt Nov 21-2016. That was a Monday during the weekend I became sick and could not attend that appt but I called that morning now they will not re-book my appt and I feel they should

General Hamilton

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This hospital is a complete nightmare I had been in a vicious fight with a criminal and had been stabbed. I waited way too long in the waiting room last person actually they wouldn’t let me even have a water. I was losing blood sitting in a wheelchair and was tired so I went for smoke because I wanted to stay awake, they the triage and paramedic yelled insults at me gave me dirty looks and kept making rude comments to me and my 75 year old father who was with me like saying my name out loud mocking me for smoking, saying I must be okay if I can do that, saying my name out loud etc.. I went in last and I finally got stitches the doctor did it in the supply room many staff came in and out over 10 people I was only an hour or so, the doctor was rude as well and didn’t give me any medicine wtf? Fuck that place the entire staff even the nurses show no respect and are amateurs I had a flu, a swollen face, bruises on my knees and had to get stitches for being stabbed and fighter of an attacker etc.. no help no respect a dump.

Etobicoke General Volenteer Department

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I find it rather rude when you are going about your business at Etobicoke General Hospital when someone comes out of their office in the Volenteer department and accuses you without even identifying themselves that you are the person responsible for constantly filling up the shredding bin.  The bins are located in the hallways and not in your office area therefore the bins can and should be used by any individual when and if necessary.  Your accusations were unfounded and unless you have proof that an individual which you can identify is in fact constantly filling up the bin so that you are not able to use it you should mind your own business.  I was under the impression that the Volenteer department was there for the patients of the hospital and not just a place to come to for socializing amongst your peers.  When did that department turn into the security department.  I think you should concentrate on what you were hired to do unless your job description included security for the shredding bins for which I am sure your getting paid far to much.  The other issue I have is that I find Etobicoke General Hospital a health risk in cleansiness from the Emergency Department to the public bathrooms.  I would definitely give it a zero out of ten.  Also the moral at this hospital for their employees is very low. This hospital has become a hospital dedicated to how much money can they get.  It’s no longer considered a hospital for the people.  It’s considered a financial institution to make money and not care about the people.  No respect for their employees, no respect for the physicians that works there.  But especially no respect for all the ill people who need to be there.  It just comes down to the dollar amount these days.  Just ask the finance department.

Credit valley

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My husband was scheduled for surgery yesterday is st Micheals hospital and he did , he had stones in his kidneys, and they released him out of the hospital 10 minutes after surgery which is not normal  , my husband w as drowsy and in so much pain and same night I had to take him to emergency to credit valley in mississauga because he was In so much pain , and when we took him to the emergency for pain they made him wait 4 hours and the doctor who came to check him used his cover to wipe the ultra sound machine and then they gave me IV drip and when the nurse came and removed it she snapped it out of his arm and threw everything on the ground now tell me what kind of hygiene is that ….. he had the worst experience totally u human the way he was treated